Weighted blankets provide sensory input for people with autism and other disorders.

Hello, my name is Heather Linn. I made my first weighted blanket in 2002 when my daughter’s therapist suggested it might help her sleep. I never considered myself as capable of sewing anything, but I couldn’t afford to buy one, so I learned. At the request of that same wonderful therapist, I made some for other people and I’ve been making them on and off for almost 15 years. Weighted blankets to me was never a business, but a way to help people.

Helps With

Our products can provide relief, comfort and can help supplement sensory disorder therapy treatment for the following:

  • Sensory Disorders of any kind (weighted therapy can help increase Serotonin and Melatonin levels overnight)
  • Sleep disorders of any kind: weighted therapy can help increase the levels of Serotonin and Melatonin overnight
  • Insomnia, Falling asleep and staying asleep
  • ADD/ADHD Spectrum Disorder (many ADHD kids use our blankets to calm down after school or during Therapy sessions, or to relax and fall asleep)
  • Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorder (many of these kids use our blankets to calm down after school or during Therapy sessions)
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and fidgeting legs due to chemotherapy treatments or Menopause
  • Anxious Feelings and Panic symptoms, Stress and Tension. Cancer or Dental Anxiety, Peri-menopause and Menopause symptoms Sensory Integration Disorders/Sensory Processing Disorders
  • People who are 65 or older: weighted blankets help calm a myriad of symptoms, including those who have Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease.


  • You may provide your own fabric and thread or let me know your preferences and I can choose it for you.
  • Please choose from fleece, cotton, or flannel. NO minky.
  • Purchase all purpose thread, NOT surger thread.

Poly Beads

These beads are perfect for stuffing blankets

The suggested weight is generally 10% a person’s weight. For children 10% plus a pound or two. Some people will prefer more, some people will prefer less. Blanket size should also be considered as well. 5 lbs in a toddler bed size blanket has a lot more pressure than 5 lbs distributed in a twin size blanket. Talk to your therapist or feel free to ask me any questions.

  • # of pounds desired x $3.50 = cost of beads
Body Weight Suggested Weight
20 lbs 2-4 lbs
25 lbs 2-4.5 lbs
30 lbs 3-5 lbs
35 lbs 3.5-6 lbs
40 lbs 4-6.5 lbs
50 lbs 4-7 lbs
55 lbs 4-8 lbs
60 lbs 5-9 lbs
70 lbs 6-10 lbs
80 lbs 7-11 lbs
90 lbs 9-12 lbs
120 lbs 10-15 lbs
130 lbs 10-16 lbs
140 lbs 10-16 lbs
150 lbs 10-16 lbs
160 lbs 10-16 lbs
170 lbs 11-18 lbs
180 lbs 12-20 lbs
190 lbs 12-20 lbs
200 lbs 12-20 lbs
210 lbs 12-23 lbs
220 lbs 12-23 lbs
230 lbs 12-23 lbs

Labor Cost Does not include fabric or beads

Weighted blankets help people sit still and feel calm.
Size Price
12x8 $25.00
16x40 (wrap) $45.00
16x50 (wrap) $50.00
27x51 (size of a crib/toddler bed mattress) $55.00
42x32 $55.00
42x44 $65.00
42x56 $80.00
42x68 (size of a twin bed) $100.00

Other sizes made upon request. Prices effective February 1, 2017

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