3-D Crystal Portrait

Some of our custom engraving capabilities include engraving inside crystal spheres, irregularly shaped items, combining of two and three dimensional items, and development of custom 3D models. If all you have is an idea of what that unique gift or award might look like, that's enough to give us a call!

In-house custom 3-D portraits are available. We come to you with our equipment to take a 3-D portrait of that special employee, family member or pet and using that image engrave it into crystal to make a gift that is truly one of a kind.

We produce high quality fully customized  optical crystal awards and keepsakes.  Each one is carefully made, and guaranteed to be permanently appreciated by your organization.

If you are searching for a unique corporate award or gift, we offer custom 3-D laser engraving services, production 3-D laser engraving services, as well as a complete selection of optical crystal gifts and collectibles. We can take any corporate or group logo and render it in 3-D...perfect for that gift or corporate award!

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